Ink Rollers

Our trade in a range of Ink Rollers using special imported bonded cellulose fibers. These fibers are solid, durable and porous structures with a high ink absorbing capacity, which reduces the frequency of re-inking. ​

20' - 25' Sh A

Available Hardness


  • Constant Hardness
  • Easily Washable
  • Minimal Readjustment​

Damping Rollers

The inking and dampening units are the heart of any printing press. A reproducible, high quality print result is always dependent on an optimally equipped inking and dampening unit. In order to maintain the accustomed print quality the rollers must be replaced regularly.

20' - 25' Sh A

Available Hardness


  • Less Cleaner
  • Easy to clean
  • Optimized Characteristics​

Varnish Rollers

Constant dosage with highly robust varnishing roller rubber coverings.​ Excellent coating results with Westland's high-precision rubber coverings for varnishing rollers.​

20' - 25' Sh A

Available Hardness


  • Reduced Shrinkage
  • Good Coating Properties
  • High Chemical Resistance

UV Conventional Ink Rollers

As the chemistry of UV inks is different, the case of printing exclusively with UV inks need to be explored whwreby come the need of special UV inking rollers.It resists hardening even when continually exposed to isopropyl alcohol and substitutes. Achieves fine film thickness on its surface and on plate , resulting optimum fountain solution on plate i.e. ultimately on paper to reduce paper stretching.

25' - 40' Sh A

Available Hardness


  • High swelling resistance
  • Hold its diamentional properties for longer period.
  • Easily cleanable

Ceramic Rollers

Anti-fraying, Anti-corrosive, high temperature resistance, long life, and Saving cost.​ Adopting super stainless steel, keep the base roller and ceramic surface Combined well, and protect the base roller from the ink corrosion.


Cell ShapeScreen:30-1500LPI 

Cell degree:1-89°   

Max width:4000mm(face length)​

Cell Shape: 60°hexagon, 45°helix, “S” shape


  • Flexographic Printing, Offset Printing, Gravure Printing.
  • Label, Envelope, Paper Forms, Handbag, Corrugated Box.
  • Optical Film, Release Film, Lithium battery Diaphragm, Aluminum Foil.

Offset Printing Blankets

The blanket for Offset printing is very important part of process of printing and has direct affect of quality of printed image. It has to be constructed to meet very high demands not only to to transfer a quality image from the plate to the blanket, but can function at high speeds with different papers.


  • Tensile Strenght
  • Solvent Resistance
  • Surface Release
  • Compressibility
  • Caliper
  • Stretch