We provide rollers as well sleeves with sizes from Dia 50mm to Dia 600mm and length from 100mm to 4500mm.


  • Perpetual (Eternal) pattern for Anilox Roll
  • Most uniform (homogeneous) cell structure for easy (effortless) ink transfer
  • Excellent durability
  • Wide range of screen counts available
  • Wide Web, Narrow Web, Post Print

Elongated Hexagon

  • The unique cell geometry improves ink release and ease up cleaning
  • Higher screen count, without any substantial loss of BCM(volume)
  • Offers high resolution and quality halftone printing
  • Ideal for combination printing of fine text, gradation and process colors with all inking systems
  • The transfer of dense coatings of white, lacquer, gold or silver, and special coating are uniform and homogeneous
  • Corrugated(Post and Pre – Print), Flexible Packaging, UV Coating

Tri - Helical

  • One directional channels offer a continuous flow of high viscosity coating materials
  • Lesser cell filling at high viscosity coating materials
  • Improved solid layer of coating material applied on gravure and coaters
  • Extensively use in high density and thickness coating and lamination applications

Elongated Hexagon

  • Dedicated for coatings in flexography, offset, corrugation and gravure
  • Better performance for adhesive, metallic and UV coatings for even coverage
  • Uniform doctor blade pressure over cell geometry offer longer life of roll
  • Smooth and even solid coverage improves gloss in post print processes